Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music: "Ave verum corpus" by W.A. Mozart

I'm a great music lover. More than anything, I sing - in the car, in the shower, with a karaoke machine, in a choir, wherever. For a while, I even considered majoring in music in college and becoming a music director or a conductor. But life had other plans for me. Still, it's perhaps my favorite activity outside of helping people become healthy.

Music has well-documented effects on human physiology, even though its most basic effects don't need to be proven in a laboratory. Place anyone trying to study in a room filled with blaring rock music, and they probably don't accomplish nearly as much as someone trying to study in a room where unobtrusive, calming classical music is playing.

One of my favorite songs of all time, Mozart's Ave verum corpus, powerfully demonstrates the ability of music to calm the soul and put one at ease. In college, I would often meditate, and then listen to this song by candlelight to peacefully mark the end of the day. On bad days, it could be the highlight of the whole day.

Give it a try. Turn the lights down, make sure you're in a quiet room where you won't be disturbed, and close your eyes and just listen to this piece. It may be a wonderful way to begin or end meditation or prayer time as well.

I may write more on the healing power of music in another blog post, but for now, I couldn't wait to post this song and hopefully pass on a wonderful gift to you all.
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